Empower Your Hour

"Be All You Can Be By Being All Of Who You Already Are" (TM)


Have you forgotten how to dream?


Solutions-focused Coach


Have you forgotten how to dream?  Do you encounter different challenges in your life everyday?  Whether it be in your personal relationships, jobs or career, do you often times lose sight of your dreams and wind up feeling powerless to move forward as the years, promotions, family and friends or partners just keep passing you by?


Do you keep taking jobs you hate just because you have to make ends meet?  Do you keep attracting the same types of toxic relationships? Perhaps you have a great job or career that still leaves you feeling unfulfilled?  Maybe you have a loving spouse or relationship but just can’t help feeling there should be something more to life?  Do you feel other times everything is just perfect but you wish you had someone to bounce your ideas off so you can feel more confident about your decisions?...Someone who listens and understands your challenges because they share many of your same experiences and have the skills to help you?


That’s where empowerment coaching can help. To empower is to give the ability to or enable.   Empowerment coaching is different than just life coaching, its better! Its a methodology based on principles derived from several cutting edge, as well as timeless, areas of human and personal development.


Empowerment coaching doesn’t dwell on your past like therapy or counseling.  Nor does it create dependency!  Empowerment coaching DOES make a distinction and is not intended to replace the needs of a person who truly may be in need of another form of assistance.  

It’s about empowering YOU to take responsibility for your life and help you develop the skills to meet any of life’s challenges and come out winning.  It’s a non-judgemental approach that focuses on possibilities.  Possibilities created by you with my guidance as your coach... coaching you to new heights of your new reality.


I’ve developed EmpowerYourHour.com to help get you back to dreaming and making your dreams realities in the shortest time possible.  One hour capsules of coaching, podcasts, tools, exercises, assessments, progress tracking, celebrations, and more, that take into account your busy lifestyle and schedule.


If you believe in yourself and believe this is what you’ve been looking for...then welcome and read on!