Empower Your Hour

"Be All You Can Be By Being All Of Who You Already Are" (TM)


The Empowerment Process


Imagine you’re about to take a road trip to a destination you’ve never traveled to.  What would be your first step? How and what would you do to get there?  How would you know when you’ve arrived?  You see, even for life’s simplest things there’s an order and a process behind it.  It’s like cogs of a gear that fit and together create movement or energy.


The same happens in the coaching process.  You would first consider what it is that you want to achieve or as in the example above...where would you like to go?  Once you’ve decided on that destination you might then consider what else do you need to get you there.


As your coach, I’m here to hold you accountable, in a pleasant, sustainable way, for your personal and professional goals and actions.  In our partnership I ask powerful questions of you that result in dramatic insights and perception shifts.  The system takes you on a deep thinking evolutionary process by which you slice through limiting beliefs and drill down to your core values or things most important to you.  With a series of questions, assessments, tools, actions and more, you will begin to formulate a map to your next or final destination.  This map, custom created by you, will contain the key points, indicators and mindset you will be in.


The coaching session is about YOU.  Each session which typically takes place on the phone, is about whatever you’re being challenged with and will help clear your vision and goals and values for your life allowing you to proceed with confidence.